We've got some ideas to help you show Shakespeare some love on his birthday, 23 April.

Watch some of his great works

Nothing makes a playwright happier than having people enjoy their work, so why not settle in for a Shakespeare double (or triple) bill? Maybe a tragedy followed by a comedy to lighten the mood? Or what about the two parts of Henry IV?

You can now watch six of our shows straight from BBC iPlayer as part of the BBC's Culture in Quarantine project.

Watch our shows from home

Build a bear

The bear from The Winter's Tale is one of the most famous animals in Shakespeare. Find out more about how we've created the bear on stage in our shows and have a go at making your own with our Winter's Tale activity pack.

There are lots of other fun activities for the family you'll find in the pack, including an actors' warm up, colouring sheets and a picture quiz.

The birthday boy.

Get dressed up

Our shows wouldn't be the same without our amazing costumes. So channel your inner costume designer and see if you can recreate the look of a great Shakespearean character using the clothes you have at home and a bit of ingenuity. Maybe Malvolio in his yellow stockings? One of the witches from Macbeth? Or what about making your own Elizabethan ruff out of paper?

Watch this short YouTube film The Politics of Power Dressing for inspiration, and don't forget to share your costume creations with us on Twitter @TheRSC

Share your Shakespeare

Perform a speech, paint a picture or bake a cake – join the largest ever celebration of Shakespeare by audiences in our history. 

Do you have a favourite Shakespeare quote, speech or moment? One that speaks to you? Maybe one that reminds you of somebody or something? Share your Shakespeare any time and play your part in our global Shakespeare celebration.  

People have shared their Shakespeare from across the UK as well as the USA, Russia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia and we've put together a few of our favourites into a video.

Share Your Shakespeare

Search #ShareYourShakespeare on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube to see more, then add your own.

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