The emergency services will run a major incident training exercise in our buildings.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Other Place will be closed all day Sunday, with no access to the public from 8am.

There will be a lot of activity with police, fire and paramedic response teams in and around the building for most of the day. 

Exercises of this nature enable the emergency services to train for unexpected events by setting up a scenario which takes place in real time.  We are pleased that we have been able to offer the response teams an interesting building to train in, and they have emphasised that the exercise is not in response to any specific threat. The police will distribute information leaflets to our neighbours and local businesses to make people aware of the training exercise, and there will be people on the ground on Sunday to inform passers-by.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre and The Other Place will reopen on Monday morning as usual.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre riverside view 2010 by Peter Cook
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Peter Cook © RSC – Image Licensing

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