Mark Quartley will play Ariel opposite Simon Russell Beale as Prospero in Gregory Doran’s The Tempest, as we confirm the show will be screened Live From Stratford-upon-Avon in January 2017.

As other casting progresses in the run up to rehearsals starting in September, we announce that The Tempest will be screened live to cinemas on 11 January next year as part of the ongoing Live from Stratford-upon-Avon series with our worldwide distribution partner - Picturehouse Entertainment.

This production of Shakespeare’s late play, in collaboration with Intel and in association with The Imaginarium Studios, has been in development since September 2015, and aims to break new boundaries in theatre-making with the very first live motion capture performance appearing in a major classical stage production.

Watch the moment when Simon Russell Beale as Prospero and and Mark Quartley as Ariel come face to face for the first time, below.

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