We’re celebrating the opening of our new musical The Boy in the Dress with some very special Christmas decorations, including a unique Christmas tree.

Come and explore our building! We have  a mirrorball mannequin playing football in an 18th century gown, a bar which will be kitted out as a classroom (complete with broken windows) and a very special Christmas tree pointing the way to detention and dancing.

Our unique The Boy in the Dress inspired Christmas tree

They were created by Assistant Designer Isobel Nicolson, with fellow designers Anna Kelsey and Caitlyn Abbott. Isobel explains: “I wanted the designs to combine the character of The Boy in the Dress and Christmas - both joyous events! Like the show, the message is wear whatever you want, be whatever you want.”

The decorations were inspired by Robert Jones’ set design for The Boy in the Dress. Explore the cloakroom, the Upper Circle and Scott Bars and the first and second floor bridges to find our football playing mirrored mannequins, the subs bench, and visit the classroom to put your own message on our blackboard.

Two of the mirrorball mannequins on the first floor of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Family trail

We also have a new family trail. Collect a boy and girl cardboard cut-out from a member of staff when you arrive in the building. Then look for the six mini wardrobes around the building – in each wardrobe is a different outfit for you to fit on your model. And if you pick up a programme for The Boy in the Dress you can cut out a further three outfits.