A double bill of outlandish plays asking how we stretch and reshape ourselves when things go wrong.

The Mischief Festival was scheduled to run at in The Other Place in Summer 2020, but has been postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Rescheduled dates to be confirmed.

Ivy Tiller: Vicar’s Daughter, Squirrel Killer

By Bea Roberts

“You know you act like you’re not from here”

Ivy Tiller is a model of gentility, polite to a fault and a stickler for rules. But Ivy is on a mission to eradicate grey squirrels and restore red squirrels as the ‘rightful’ primary inhabitants of her picturesque Devonshire village.

This darkly comic new play from Bea Roberts challenges who belongs and who thrives.

O, Island!

By Nina Segal

“History begins when the water rises. It always has done”

When a river breaks its banks one night resulting in a massive flood, one medium-sized village (or very very very small town) finds itself completely cut off - unexpectedly an island.

As the residents begin to embrace their independence, a new leader rises and a sense of communal identity starts to emerge – but at what cost?

Nina Segal’s O, Island! mischievously imagines a peculiar place that begins again - exploring how borders can be changed by people, by nature and by accident.