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part of Mischief Festivals at the other place

kingdom come

I thought to have been silent. but this is a time of war.

conceived and created by gemma brockis and wendy hubbard

In September we invite you to explore a side to The Other Place that you haven’t seen before.

  • Studio Theatre@The Other Place


    Until 30 Sep 2017

  • Running time:

    1 hr 45 mins (no interval)

Next performance:

25 September, 7:30PM

Studio Theatre@The Other Place

The year is 1640.

Parliament is rebellious. There are mobs on London’s streets.  England, Ireland and Scotland are poised on the brink of a devastating civil war. In Whitehall, supported by the newest theatrical machinery, King Charles I is playing a god. This cannot end well.

As the world turns upside down women preach, poor men lead, and radical ideas illuminate the carnage.

But the puritan state starts to tighten its grip, and making theatre could soon be a capital offence…

Be prepared to move around The Other Place with the play as we chart the political highs and lows of the English Civil War and the dramatic events that followed.

Please note this production contains scenes of nudity.

Festival Tickets

  • 70p Day Tickets

  • BP £5 Tickets for 16-25 Year Olds

  • Disabled People