Learn about backstage roles in theatre with Get Into Theatre and our collaboration with Google Expeditions.


In collaboration with Google Expeditions, we have created a virtual tour of some of the backstage areas at the RSC, which will take you on a journey behind the scenes to learn about our history, discover what’s involved in staging a full-scale production and explore some of the many careers backstage.

The RSC Backstage Pass Google Expedition enables students to step into the shoes of some of our staff to find out what we do to help bring productions to life. To access the app, download Google Expeditions from Google Play and select the RSC Backstage Pass Expedition. 


Get Into Theatre helps young people find the information and opportunities they need to pursue a successful career in theatre in the UK. From backstage to performing, training to apprenticeships, they will find up-to-date theatre careers information and advice. 

Visit Get Into Theatre to find out more.

Get into Theatre


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