A day of teacher training dedicated to teaching and learning strategies for The School for Scandal.

A set text for Pearson Edexcel’s A level in Drama and Theatre, The School for Scandal is a brilliantly biting comedy of manners which bridges the gap between Shakespeare’s plays and contemporary comedies. This full day of CPD is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world and context of the play and this production, working with and learning from experienced RSC artists and practitioners. This course includes a ticket to see The School for Scandal in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Our CPD courses are geared towards any teacher or educator who teaches theatrical texts in their learning environment, including (but not limited to) Drama and Theatre teachers, Primary teachers, and English teachers. Whilst our approaches are transferable across any complex text, this course is geared towards those who currently teach The School for Scandal, or those who may be interested in teaching it in the future.

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Date: 28 August 2024

Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm, plus The School for Scandal performance 7.15pm

Location: Clore Learning Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Cost: £50, ticket includes CPD course, resources and performance ticket 

N.B. tickets for this event are non-transferable

To book email learning.boxoffice@rsc.org.uk or call the Learning Hotline on 01789 331259 (midday-6pm, Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays)

Professional Outcomes:

A day of CPD with the RSC provides opportunities for teaching communities to engage with relevant, career-long professional development by working with, and learning from, experienced RSC practitioners. Teachers attending this day will achieve professional outcomes pertaining to three key areas of development and learning: deep knowledge, critical understanding, and pedagogical proficiency.

This course will support teachers to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to achieve…

Deep knowledge of:

  • at least one play (The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan).
  • the most effective pedagogical approaches to teaching theatrical literature.
  • how children and young people develop and learn about live theatre.
  • education trends, debates and policy with regards to complex texts.

Critical understanding of:

  • RSC rehearsal room approaches.
  • how to design, implement and evaluate a range of learning activities.
  • current research and evidence into RSC pedagogy, including our Time to Act project.
  • how to provide developmentally appropriate academic and pastoral support relating to learning about drama and theatre.

Pedagogical proficiency to:

  • plan and deliver highly effective lessons and lesson sequences.
  • maintain a productive and creative learning environment through working as a company of theatre artists.
  • ensure that all children learn and make progress equitably.
  • critically evaluate and reflect on teaching practice.

Course Highlights

  • Use various theatre-based practices to introduce and explore the plots and characters in Sheridan’s play with your students.
  • Use RSC rehearsal room approaches to develop your students’ understanding of dramatic text, including monologues, soliloquies and dialogue.
  • Enable young people to work as text detectives to interrogate the text to explore different interpretations and performance possibilities.
  • Ensure effective planning for incorporating rehearsal room approaches into your lessons, with a particular focus on engaging and progressing learning by removing barriers.
  • Create a secure learning environment in which your students feel confident to take risks and to work physically and vocally as a company of actors.
  • Choose scenes or speeches that best unlock the language / themes / plot to anchor your students’ analysis of a play.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of theatre and performance in Shakespeare’s hometown with a theatre ticket included in the course fee.

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