The Learning and Performance Network was our first long-term partnership programme between schools and theatres

Regional Schools Celebration 2016 The Dream_ Blackpool_2016_Photo by Rob Freeman _c_ RSC_199091

Between 2006 - 2017 RSC Education developed a long-term partnership programme with schools, communities and theatres across the country - see map.

Established in 2006, the programme was based on partnerships between schools and their local theatre over a three year period to bring about a significant change in the way young people experience, engage with, and take ownership of the work of Shakespeare.

The LPN was targeted towards those schools and young people who have least access to Shakespeare, cultural provision and the RSC. It offered teachers in-depth training in active approaches to Shakespeare and postgraduate action research. For students, the programme involved dynamic ways to learn about Shakespeare in the classroom, artist-led projects and performance opportunities.

The Learning and Performance Network Final Impact Evaluation Report 2016

We celebrated 10 years of partnership with schools and theatres nationally with our Whose Culture? Symposium, which took place in July 2016.

The Learning and Performance Network programme is due to come to a close in 2016/17 and we are not able to accept any more applications to take part. If your school is interested in working with us in a similar way you can become an RSC Associate School.

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