A programme of public events exploring the themes of Kyoto; the messiness of agreement, negotiation and hope

Time is running out. And agreement feels a world away”.

What does it take to agree? On saving the planet, on living together, on just getting stuff done?

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Conference is a programme of creative and participatory events reflecting the messiness of agreement, negotiation and hope that collided at COP3 in Kyoto - when in a moment of miraculous unanimity the world stood together.

You are invited to join us to discuss, watch, play and create - and you might be surprised with what perspectives you find yourself agreeing with along the way. 

Events during Conference are open for anyone to attend, but please note that some require advance booking to reserve a free ticket and one event does have an entry charge.

There will also be lots of non ticketed activities taking place throughout the RSC buildings and during the run of the show for 'delegates' - our audience members - to enjoy.

Friday 5 July

All day: Somewhere/Nowhere, by Ebrahim Nazier, Royal Shakespeare Theatre Foyer

All day: The Future (Sixes and Sevens), by Cornelia Parker, PACCAR Room

11.45am: Future for Beginners, Clore Learning Centre

Saturday 6 July

All day: Somewhere/Nowhere, by Ebrahim Nazier, Royal Shakespeare Theatre Foyer

All day: The Future (Sixes and Sevens), by Cornelia Parker, PACCAR Room

10.15 - 11.15am: Panel Discussion featuring Stephen Kunken and Baroness Ashton, Swan Theatre

11am - 4.30pm: Community Climate Action Stalls, The Other Place

11.45am: Future for Beginners, Clore Learning Centre

1.30pm: Kyoto matinee performance, Swan Theatre*

4.45pm: Love Ssega, Assembled performance, The Other Place

5.15 - 6.45pm: The People's Assembly, The Other Place

5.30pm: Future for Beginners, Clore Learning Centre

7.30pm: Kyoto evening performance, Swan Theatre

*Assembled, and The People’s Assembly in The Other Place, will start 15 minutes after the finish time of the Kyoto matinee performance in the Swan Theatre so that audiences can flow from one to the other. The People’s Assembly will begin with a performance of Love Ssega’s Assembled in the The Other Place foyer at 4:45pm. 

Events and Exhibitions

Cornelia Parker headshot_2024_c_ Richard Boll_373560

The Future (Sixes and Sevens)

Cornelia Parker’s film The Future (Sixes and Sevens) will be on display in the  PACCAR Room daily from 18 June - 13 July, free to visit.

In The Future (Sixes and Sevens), Parker asks a class of primary school children to answer questions about what they imagine their future to be like. In her video, Parker asks children about their hopes and fears, eliciting a range of responses. Although the looming climate crisis is touched on lightly by her interviewees, Parker comments: ‘Their very future is in peril, only us adults can do something about it, and it has to be now.’ 

Image ©Richard Boll

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Somewhere Nowhere Installation - Sara Beaumont Photography (social)


Somewhere/Nowhere is a three-part installation, set across three areas of our theatre building, exploring the past, present and how we work towards a more sustainable future. Wander through the Colonnade, Foyer and Fountain Staircase to see the work from 27 May to 18 October.

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Love Ssega press shot_ 2019_2024_373562


From Love Ssega, renowned artist, songwriter and producer, comes Assembled; live performances and interactive installations which explore the artistic and civic role of the ‘Town Crier’, asking us what public unity and assembly means to us, today. 

Saturday 6 July
4.45pm, The Other Place, Free

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teacher with her hand up in auditorium


Is there such a thing as a democratic way to disagree? And if we really listen to one another does agreement come quicker and easier?

Come prepared to listen and to share -  there will be a chance to watch and hear provocations, join breakout discussions, contribute your thoughts, listen to others and even set some of the agenda yourself on the day. 

This event will be BSL interpreted 

Saturday 6 July, 5.15 - 6.45pm, The Other Place, Free, booking required

Age: 13+

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FTB Image Social


Can you save the world from catastrophe in 80 minutes?

Come and take part in a fun, interactive demonstration of the process of agreement in this scenario planning game from David Finnigan, who explores the intersection between science and art in his work. 

The Future for Beginners is a hands-on simulation for up to 30 players. Working together over 80 minutes, players negotiate challenges and make decisions to create an unforgettable cultural event in the face of catastrophe.

5 July 11.45am
6 July 11.45am & 5.30pm
Clore Learning Centre

Cost: £12 
Age: 13+

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Stephen Kunken headshot in colour_2024_c_ the artist_372705 (2)


This discussion will explore the theme of reconciliation in the context of our current 'golden age of disagreement'. Panellists with experience of negotiation from a range of fields, from politics to the arts, will tease out how deeply fragmented and opposing views can be reconciled and what agreement actually is. 

Chaired by environmental journalist Charles Clover featuring Stephen Kunken (Don Pearlman, Kyoto), Baroness Ashton (diplomat with experience of negotiation from Iran to Kosovo) and Ashleigh Nugent (novelist and poet). Plus a special recorded message from Tony Blair.

Saturday 6 July, 10.15am, Swan Theatre

Age 13+

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