Join us for a series of talks in November and December 2016 that look at King Lear's most loyal subjects: The Fool, Cordelia and Kent.

Each discussion will explore the actions of King Lear through the eyes of one of his most loyal subjects. Actors in the roles in current and past productions discuss the relationship of The Fool, Cordelia and the Earl of Kent with the eponymous king, all three remaining devoted to him as his kingdom falls apart. The series will feature Graham Turner, Natalie Simpson and Antony Byrne, with more speakers being announced soon.

  • 10.30 - 11.30am
  • Onstage at the Barbican 
  • Tickets cost £8

 Please note we cannot guarantee the appearance of any individual.


To buy tickets online, please use the links below or phone the RSC Ticket Hotline on 01789 403493. 

King Lear's Subjects

King Lear's Subjects: Kent

King Lear's Subjects: Kent

10 December 2016

Barbican Theatre

“My life I never held but as a pawn/To wage against thine enemies; nor fear to lose it,/Thy safety being the motive.” (Act I, Scene 1)

A panel of actors including Antony Byrne (RSC, 2016) and Stanley Townsend (National Theatre, 2016) discuss approaches to playing the role of the Earl of Kent with Professor Gordon McMullan (Academic Director, Shakespeare400, and director, London Shakespeare Centre, King's College London).

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