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What the critics had to say about our new production of Shakespeare's rarely performed tale of a nation in turmoil.


‘There are endless thrilling fights, spellbinding moments of reflection and devastating outpourings of grief…the production tingles with a tangible sense of spontaneity’

‘Blood and popcorn spill in riches to rags thriller’

‘Eleanor Rhode’s engrossing production’

★★★★The Stage

‘Director Eleanor Rhode’s version is bombastic, stylish and stylised, an impressive visual spectacle’.

‘Rosie Sheehy heads the cast as a charismatic, calculating, and compellingly flawed King John.’

★★★★The review Hub

‘Vibrant, crisp and slick from the onset, the production scoops us up, shakes us around, makes us take a long hard look at humanity and spits us out again.’

‘an explosion of visual splendour…Rhode’s production sets a pace and a style that licks along relentlessly’.

‘In a company of nearly twenty, there is no weak link. As King John, Rosie Sheehy gives a stunning performance, as courageous as it is detailed.’

‘Movement director Tom Jackson Greaves’ set pieces of seductive sixties-style dancing bring joy in abundance, underscored by William Gregory’s incredibly groovy, James-Bond-meets-techno compositions.’

★★★★Eastern Eye

‘A fabulously loud, dazzling production for which the RSC should be saluted.’

★★★★Broadway World

‘Rosie Sheehy plays John with sensitivity, bringing out the insecurity that haunts him’.

‘Eleanor Rhode has set her production in the mid-1960s, with designer Max Johns getting the vibe so right that I half-expected Andy Warhol to turn up dressed as pope’.


‘it looks sumptuous and glories in its chic aesthetic’.

‘it’s never less than terrifically exciting to watch’.

‘Sheehy’s performance is volatile, enervating and thoroughly gripping’.

‘In a cast that has not a single weak link…Michael Abubakar’s strident, bull-headed Bastard, Tom McCall’s achingly tormented would-be murdered Hubert, Katherine Pearce’s carefully comic turn as Cardinal Pandulph and a blistering, heart-wrenching Charlotte Randle as Constance’