Read what Jim Morris, Trainee Venue Manager, says about his start at the RSC as a Customer Service Apprentice

What does being a Customer Service Apprentice involve?

All of the same duties as a regular Front of House Assistant, except with my apprenticeship I also worked as a part of the Retail team. All of the job aspects of the apprenticeship were on par with being a full time member of staff.

What's your favourite part of your job?

Probably knowing that at the end of the night, you’ve contributed to people’s experience of the RSC whether it’s their first time or their hundredth time. There are always little things we can do to enhance the experience of visitors and tailoring them to each unique encounter is something which I enjoy.

Did you specifically want to work in Front of house in the theatre?

Not particularly, I wanted to get more into the events side of production and the industry, but working Front of House gives you a good insight into what has to go on so that shows can be put on and in turn wider events. It’s also been a good stepping stone to push me into other areas which interest me.

Would you consider work in another theatre or another area?

Absolutely, I’m very keen on gaining a wider experience of different areas both geographically and within the work environment.

What did you study at college?

I studied A-Levels in English Language, History, Music, Maths and IT.

What do you think made you stand out against all the other candidates and helped you get the apprenticeship?

I’m not entirely sure, but it may have been down to the emphasis I tried to get across on Customer Service and teamwork as well as my past experience when I was going through the interview process.

Did you have any previous work experience?

Yes, I spent a month when I was 16 as a Christmas temp at a supermarket and then before joining the RSC I worked in a restaurant in the three areas; front of house, back of house and on the bar.

What advice would you give to young people in your position?

Apprenticeships are a great way to get into the work environment and gain qualifications and experience without the worry of debt that comes with University. That was one of the main draws for me and it has helped me massively with my career.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship?

I would say that anyone can do an apprenticeship, whether you’re young or not. Unless you’re desired career path demands that you go a certain route or do a certain thing, they can be a great way to get into an environment and build your work portfolio.

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