Are you a budding photographer, a snap-happy theatre enthusiast or a Stratford resident with an eye for good light? We want to see your photos of our buildings!

We need you!

We are always looking for new and different photos of our theatres, so this time we thought we'd ask for your assistance. We want to see how you view our spaces and are looking for external photos of all our theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon: the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Swan Theatre and The Other Place. 

Perhaps you have a fabulous shot of the RST at dawn, the Swan Theatre in the snow or The Other Place bathed in moonlight? We'd love to see them.

We're looking for recent photos that have the outside of the theatres as the focal point, so any photos that include people who are clearly identifiable won't be suitable for us. 

The RSC Tower in July 2016
Photo by Sam Allard © RSC – Image Licensing

What you need to do

We'd like you to share your photos with us. Email your low-resolution image (no more than five photos please!) to, telling us the following:

  • Your name
  • When you took the photo
  • What you used to take the image (camera, smartphone etc.)
  • Anything about the moment when the picture was taken that you'd care to share with us. 
Be sure to send in your image before Thursday 2 March 2017.

How we'll use your photos

We'll create a gallery of the images on our Facebook page, and possibly other social media channels, to share some of our favourites with our followers. We'll be sure to credit you if we use your image. 

In the event that we want to use your photo for other purposes, or if we need the high-resolution image, we'll contact you via your email address to discuss that with you. 

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