We welcome the use of our photos for personal use and private study. We also license our images for commercial use.

We allow free use of RSC images for personal use and private study, outlined below. If you want to use an image for anything not defined as personal use or private study, then please read the image supply and licensing guide below and complete the digital image order form. Please email your completed order form to images@rsc.org.uk.

To browse a selection of our archive images, visit the RSC image library, where you can download low-resolution images  for personal use, or request images in high-resolution for commercial or other uses, where available.

We also hold a large collection of archive images which are not available from our public image library. To find out more about the other images we have, or if you have any queries about using RSC images, please email images@rsc.org.uk.

Brutus yells in front of Soothsayer
Julius Caesar, directed by Gregory Doran, 2012.
Photo by Kwame Lestrade © RSC Browse and license our images


 The RSC defines personal use and private study as any of the following:

  1. Reference use for academic study
  2. Pictorial reference in unpublished academic essays, dissertations or theses
  3. Visual representation in a classroom or for an educational activity (this does not include use online, in locked educational platforms, or any published/distributed educational resource)
  4. Private use at home (which does not include creation of gift materials including, but not limited to, mugs, t-shirts etc.)
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