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Links to the daily warm up

All daily warm up sessions have now been recorded, but you can still watch on demand using the links below. Please bear in mind that sessions were recorded live and whilst every effort was made to avoid it, there was occasional strong language.

Tuesday 1 June

Watch the warm up

Gregory Doran introduces the play and the Ashcroft Room and Owen Horsley leads the company in some introductory warm-up games

Wednesday 2 June

Watch the warm up

Actor Jamie Wilkes leads the company through a warm up including physical, vocal and breathing exercises

Thursday 3 June

Watch the warm up

Movement Director Polly Bennett starts the company off with some shoulder exercises and stretches, before moving on to a game of Shift

Friday 4 June

Watch the warm up

Professional voice coach and actor Cathleen McCarron joins Directors Gregory Doran and Owen Horsley to think about voice and text

Monday 7 June

Watch the warm up

Owen Horsley leads the acting company through a range of vocal and physical sequences

Tuesday 8 June 

Watch the warm up

Actors Lily Nichol and Liyah Summers lead the warm up with the full company

Wednesday 9 June  

Watch the warm up

Bridgitta 'Fali' Roy leads today's warm up for the company, including breathing, vocal and stretching exercises. The session ends with the company's favourite game - 'Cheese'.

Thursday 10 June

Watch the warm up

Voice and text session with Cathleen McCarron, including vocal exercises focusing on 'variety' and 'flexibility'. The company uses punctuation to track the changing thoughts in a speech from Henry VI Part One.

Friday 11 June 

Watch the warm up

Company warm up led by Actor Amanda Harris.

Monday 14 June  

Watch the warm up

Voice and text session with Cathleen McCarron and the acting company.

Tuesday 15 June

Watch the warm up

Join today's full company warm up, led by actor Chris Middleton.

Wednesday 16 June 

Watch the warm up

The company warm up together and look at the opening of the play with Movement Director Polly Bennett.

Thursday 17 June

Watch the warm up

Warm up with for the day with Jamie Ballard and Gregory Doran.

Friday 18 June 

Watch the warm up

Join the vocal warm up for the last day of live rehearsals with Mariah (Minnie) Gale.


More live rehearsal room sessions

Share the excitement of watching actors grapple with the text and put the play on its feet live from the rehearsal room, then later watch the company chat in the Green Room.

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