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Workshop at Chalk Farm Library

An interactive theatrical journey where the world is a stage and you are a player

In 2011, RSC Poet in Residence, Aoife Mannix, led creative writing workshops and story telling activities in Camden to inspire work to be included in the Adelaide Road project.  These took place at the Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre, Kentish Town Library, Swiss Cottage Library, Chalk Farm Library and the Charlie Ratchford Centre for Camden residents aged 60+.  Using Shakespeare's As You Like It as inspiration, the project created a journey along the road in seven stages.  This theme echoed the seven ages of man described in the play's most famous monologue 'All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.' 

The Live Show
As part of a live show linked to this project, audiences were guided by the character Touchstone, a very twenty first century fool, as well as stewards.  Along the way they met various characters including Rosie who came to Adelaide Road to search for the father she had never met.  Participants were asked to play games either on paper or on iphones through a specially designed App.  As a reward for playing a game, they were given a letter that helped them progress on their journey.  They needed to collect at least three of these letters in order to receive an invitation from Touchstone.  This invitation admitted participants to the wedding party, which took place at the end of the show in the Adelaide Nature Reserve.

The iPhone App
As part of the project an iPhone App allowed you to play the games and collect virtual letters.  It let audiences listen to recordings of stories/poems, written by participants and poet Aoife Mannix, thematically linked to each of the seven stages of your journey.  In addition audiences were able to listen to 'Red Letter' scenes included in the live performance.  This meant that the iPhone app could be enjoyed both during and after the live performance whether audiences were physically on Adelaide Road or not.

The Website Map
This was a specially designed map of Adelaide Road where you could click on markers to hear both the 'Red Letter' scenes of the main story and other recordings of stories/poems inspired by the project.

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