Designing Robin Hood

  • Design 1

    From on high

    The Heart of Robin Hood is set in the Forest of Sherwood, a dense forest of gnarled trees and entwining branches over a leafy forest floor. Here you can see the set from above, with tree branches spreading out and ladders for the cast to scramble up and down.

  • Design 2

    From backstage

    Here is a view of backstage, behind The Heart of Robin Hood set. To the left of the image you can see the seating in the auditorium, with some of the higher platforms sticking out, high above the stage.

  • Design 3

    From the stage

    This shows the stage and the auditorium from the back of the stage itself. The body shapes pictured show the points where the cast can climb around the set, up and down ropes.

  • Design 4

    The tree

    The tree is a focal point of the set. The designer for The Heart of Robin Hood, Börkur Jonsson, looked at the shapes and textures of trees in nature, and closely modelled the tree for the set on what he found.

  • Design 6

    Tree wireframe

    This shows the model of the tree, which takes centre stage. The tree is where the outlaws live and many major scenes take place. Actors can climb the trunk to access a few main branches.

  • Design 7

    Tree with white fog

    This shows the tree from the stage, looking up. The tree grows out of the wall at the back of the stage. Its foliage and branches fill the area above the main stage.

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