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To pee or not to pee?

July 15, 2014

Second rehearsal seemed to go well, there is an awful lot of talking, I expect I will get used to it, probably the best thing is to have a little snooze while all that chatter is going on, though I suspect that snoring might be frowned upon...

Alsatian Seiko on tageWhenever my canine friends are asked to tread the boards in a live performance, the vexed question of 'comfort breaks' is always raised.

My friend German Shepherd Seiko appeared at the Coliseum a few years ago, in something or other called Carmen and an 'important person' called Edward Gardner actually asked if she was going to poo on the stage! In all other respects Mr Gardner seemed a very pleasant and sensible man, but, well really!

Here is my colleague Seiko who never put a paw wrong, in operatic action.

However, I have heard that a well planned 'accident' can be a big hit with audiences, as the legendary Lulu the baby elephant proved on Blue Peter many, many years ago, and it's something that I may consider if I feel that the performance needs spicing up.

The important people have now introduced what actors of the human and canine variety both dread. These are called 'props', and they seem to be deliberately placed to cause maximum upset and confusion, one of our props originally had wheels for added comedic value, but I did think this was going to prove too complicated for My Roger and luckily Simon Director agreed with me - the wheels have gone!

I'm not very demanding when it comes to my dressing room requirements, I'm a simple country girl at heart, I have a very basic list:

dog bowl etc

1. Dog Bed

2. Simple understated collar

3. Essential snacks

And finally 4. - A modest water bowl

Caddy and I will have our own room, it's apparently very luxurious, it's called a Portakabin, sounds very grand, I imagine it's rather like a top end Winnebago.

Mossup washing a carWell, off to do my normal daily chores, no prima donna am I...


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Jul 22, 4:17pm


Jul 23, 9:15pm
Peter Holling

Looking forward to seeing you in September.
What do you think of of your stage name Crabbe? And you will be a sort of film star too on September 3rd. So much more fame in a short time. Actors who needs them!!!

Were you a friend of Uggie who retired after his brilliant performance in"The Artist"? What a great job working with the beautiful Berenice Bejo.

Here's to a great season.I'll be sitting in seat H65!!!

Aug 7, 5:16pm
Naomi Westerman

At the first preview for Curious Incident the dog peed all over the stage and Luke Treadaway had to clean it up. Amateurs! Still keeps the human actors in check.

Sep 3, 5:44pm
Pugkin Patch

Woof woof ;)

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