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December 5, 2013

Day one
Day one of this humungous technical rehearsal of Wendy and Peter Pan, we lulled the company into a sense of excitement by starting with a health and safety meeting and fire procedures during tech. We covered evacuation procedures, smoking on the dressing room balconies, and we told them 'don't trip up', 'don't walk into things', all the usual, but essential stuff.

Then we blew their socks off by doing a 'reveal' of the mechanics of the set.

It got a round of applause. I've never started a tech with a round of applause. Fabulous.

Now on with it, stop, do it again, stop, do it again with more or less light, stop, do it again with music, stop, do it again …

Day two
Day two of the tech starts at 12:50. This feels weird - not tech-ing in the morning sessions.

There's a new scene being rehearsed whilst we've been here in the RST sortin' paperwork, re-plotting stuff in our texts and the techies are re-lighting, projecting, sound balancing, focussing etc.

It's great having these actor-free sessions to catch up, but it feels very odd having started the tech to suddenly have a hiatus in the mornings. Ah well, time to gossip and blarney the other stage management teams … Ho hum.

Day three
Whoo hoo! Folk up in the air at last. Got people moving around on the mobile and off onto the technical bridges in the roof.

Lawks they are so brave. I know all the systems have 10 times capabilities, every piece of kit has 10x fold redundancy, but they are flying on a wire. I couldn't do it, but that's probably just more to do with the fact that I'm a fat lad, who's too old for this kind of carry-on. Even so, I take my hat off to the company's bravery.

The tech is too slow for my taste, too much finessing of detail, not enough broad-stroke; get it in the can and move on, I say. But it's always a fine line between 'move on' and address it later, and 'can we just try...?' or, 'what about....?'

It looks sooooo beautiful though. Colin, Ian and Olly have made a visual treat. Once all the other stuff like the scary noises and stunningly beautiful music are fed into the mix it's going to be really special.

I keep having to holler into the darkness of the auditorium: 'Quiet!' and 'Shut up!' and 'Cut the sound!' and 'Silence!'

They'll all hate me by the end.

Concerned citizen?

Second star to the right, then straight on till morning.

Top image: This is my view of the auditorium from the stage, work-light and show-state versions. It's a terrifying battery of (mostly mac, this is not a commercial) computers, behind which all the creatives sit doing their things with light, sound, music, video, automation, playback, projection, direction, design, production management, wardrobe, plus a few other folk. I don't really know what they do ...

Bottom image: This is my view of the stage during tech rehearsals.

by Francis Lynch  |  1 comment

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Dec 5, 7:30pm
Dan Ryan

Wot no mice? x

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