Whispers from the Wings

Life after press night

May 24, 2012

Apologies again for my appalling cyber silence over the last few weeks! They have been manic to say the least!

In the run up to press night the company fizzed and hissed with anticipation and nerves. After two weeks of previews, we just wanted to get it out of the way. Thankfully, it was great show that everyone could feel proud of and produced some well deserved reviews.

After a fantastic opening night party we all left Stratford - in various states of hangover- for a week's holiday.

Of course, for me, it was less like a holiday, and more like the week before you start going to big school. As the Assistant Director it was my job to return to Stratford to lead a week of understudy rehearsals, culminating in a public understudy performance.

One of the hardest parts of an assistant director's job is negotiating the transition from a largely observational, auxiliary role, to actually being left in charge.

The thought of being left alone in a room full of actors suddenly sent shivers down my spine: the panic of the lone sheep abandoned to the wolves...

But once we got started it was like a breath of fresh air, and, after having assisted for so long, it was nice to re-engage with my director self and remember: Oh yes, I am a director after all.

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