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Let's get physical…

March 25, 2013

We have split calls every day for Mad World My Masters and Titus Andronicus and so when we're not needed in one rehearsal room we move across to the other. The plays are mutually exclusive but both contain scenes of a physically violent nature.

Alison 'five times longbow champion' de Burgh's been working on the opening fight of MWMM with us in which young 'Dick Follywit', played by young Richard Goulding, wreaks havoc. We've also been lindy hopping in prep for our 1950s style.

But Titus. Oh, Titus. Ann Yee our movement director has been adding a voluntary 9am 'boot camp' call twice weekly. You need the other five days just to recover! It's primarily to encourage our men playing military types to bulk up a bit but all of us girls do it too. It's tough, Ann takes no prisoners, however there's a slightly sadistic comfort knowing that we're all going through it together.

Ann Yee: 'It's so you can look like you could kill someone.'

Matthew Needham: 'But I look like that already...'

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