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Get thee to a Portakabin

July 31, 2014

After some consideration, I decided that a luxury Winnebago might cause resentment and friction amongst my fellow actors, but still felt that as the star of the show, I should receive preferential treatment, so I sent instructions that my dressing room should be apart from the mere humans' accommodation.

Mossup and Caddie in their PortakabinThis fine, palatial structure is the result, and I may say that my understudy Caddy and I are very pleased with it. I'm still awaiting my modest list of dressing room requirements, as previously outlined, but I'm confident that they will arrive in due course.

We have started something called 'previews', I haven't a clue what they are, still the same old talking and walking, but now we sometimes do it on 'The Stage' at 'The Theatre'. He won't thank you for mentioning it, but on Caddy's (my talented understudy) first time on 'The Stage', he almost walked straight off the front, I'm sure that he only did it to ham up his part, but anyone sitting in the front row had better be ready for the big furry lump to end up on their lap!

I must say that I am somewhat overwhelmed by the crowds of adoring fans who await my furry presence outside the stage door, it is very flattering (although no more than I deserve) to be stroked and petted by humans who clearly appreciate my considerable acting abilities. Some of these humans speak in a language that I find even more difficult to understand than this Shakespearean malarkey, I believe that it is called American?

Caddie mowing the lawnMy understudy does have some time on his paws while I am centre stage, so to keep him occupied he has taken on some voluntary maintenance duties. Well it gets him in the fresh air, and keeps him fit.

We had another important night called 'Press Night', I'm not entirely sure how this works, but I think it involves very scary people who write about our show, and tell other less scary people whether they should come and see me, or not.

thank you card and bags of dog treatsA VERY important person called Jeremy bought Caddy and me some doggy treats for this special night to wish us luck, this was much appreciated by my greedy, hairy lump of an understudy, and by me. Thank you Mr Jeremy Producer!

Naturally I have been a huge success, my new best friend Michael Billington headed his article 'Love and friendship go to war in Verona as a dog steals the show'.

He writes: 'It not only emerges as a better play than one remembers; as in all good Shakespeare productions, the minor characters have a life of their own. Roger Morlidge's Launce shows that the play's truest love relationship is between a man and his dog, in this case a lugubrious lurcher who inevitably steals the audience's affections.'

It was kind of Mr Billington to give My Roger a mention, it's a good idea to give these 'actors' a pat on the head occasionally!

Be bark soon... Mossup.

Pawprint for dog blog




Mossup is part of the A1 Animals team.

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Aug 2, 5:38pm

I loved Mossup. What a sweetheart. Congratulations on an excellent production all around!

Aug 7, 11:06am
marijke van buuren

I really love this blog..So much fun reading it .:D
Thank you...

Sep 3, 5:46pm
Pugkin Patch

Woof wooof ;)

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