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Exit chased by a pug

July 3, 2014

Several of us went to the rehearsal rooms at Stratford to meet some important people for TheTwo Gentlemen of Verona. These turned out to be very pleasant types, we all had plenty of fuss, and we allowed these important people to meet and greet us.

Mabel the Pug DogThere was an idea that a small dog (our Mabel Pug) would be carried by one of these 'actors' (as some of these important people are called), but due to the broken down air conditioning, Mabel did what Pugs do and snuffled and snorted throughout her (and her 'actor's') performance!

So sad to be leaving...

This did mean that whatever her 'actor' was saying was inaudible, and apparently THAT MATTERS, so Mabel was excused.

These words that are supposedly so important must be quite something, if they are preferable to the delightful Pug snuffles, I must keep my ears pinned back, and pay special attention.

We let Mabel down gently with the promise of a starring role in a production being shot at Tamworth Bus Station for Arriva!

Caddy the DogOne of my fellow canine thesps was apparently 'too posh' to play this part (He is a Golden Retriever, and not the 'right look') so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be informed that I will play the part of Crab, with my dear friend Caddy as my understudy (I've no idea what that means, but seemingly it's a theatrical term).

This is Caddy having one of his 'bad hair days'.

MossupMy Launce is called Roger, and he seems like a pleasant sort of human, I expect that I can soon lick him into shape. I mean, who could resist beautiful me?

Well, time for the important things in a good dog's life, off for a snooze I think.

Pawprint for dog blog




Mossup is part of the A1 Animals team.

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Jul 4, 4:40pm
marijke van buuren

Thou callest me a dog before thou hast cause. But since I am a dog, beware my fangs.

The Merchant of Venice

I love this blog ..Thank you Mossup .

Sep 3, 5:47pm
Pugkin Patch

Wroefff ;)

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