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Ease and confidence

April 14, 2012

Rehearsing the opening scene and having a lot of bitchy fun.

We have three older and heavily bearded clerics in long black cassocks and ornate collars, Jim Hooper is John Overall, the Dean of St Paul's. Bruce Alexander is George Abbot, the Bishop of London. I am Laurence Chaderton the Master of Emanuel, Cambridge.

Overall is an arch conservative and fiercely attacks any change in the English wording of the Bible.

Abbot, with the expected demise of the current but gravely ill Archbishop Bancroft, is a possible future Archbishop and hence is treading a central ground and is jealously watched.

Chaderton is seen as a Puritan and a radical and hence dangerous.

The young stuttering Master Ward, who is also in the scene, is one of the twelve scholars revising the latest draft. He is caught between us, is attacked and is seen by the others as an ally of mine. He is extremely well played by Joseph Kloska, one of the young actors in the production.

Young actors always amaze me with the ease and confidence with which they perform. God, I hope I was like that in those long ago years!

Gregory Doran with Jamie Ballard and Jodie McNee int he rehearsal room

by James Hayes  |  1 comment

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Apr 19, 10:51pm
Dale Savage

Hi James - we worked together on 'Faith, Hope and Charity' at the Lyric, Hammersmith many years ago. I had a near miss with the RSC a few years ago for the Spanish Golden Age season via Simon Usher, but didn't quite work out. It's so good to see you always so busy and I'm enjoying reading your blog. Let me know if you're on Facebook and maybe we can catch up. Kind regards, Dale.

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