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Caminando with the RSC: On combat and dance

June 19, 2012

an actor leaping up high with a weapon in rehearsal roomWeek 3. On Monday we finally got the revised script, more changes would come later on but we didn't know then.

We continued blocking the scenes and we started working in the prologue, the rituals, and combat. In dance we did a workshop were each actor proposed a step ( we had had a talk a few days before were we Mexicans made an exposition about mexican culture and rituals and we showed them some videos), so we ended with moves called the Holten, the Stall stomp, the Mariana and the Simon.

For combat we counted with the collaboration of Terry King, and let me say that staging the fight has not been easy.

Since the weapons and the fighting style were supposed to be different to what you usually require in an English production we all had to chip in with some ideas or moves, especially the Mexican crew.

One of us, Israel, is an acrobat teacher in Mexico, so he would encourage us to try more challenging moves.

The hardest thing was to define what was going to happen in the fight scene. We started with one tribe going after the other tribe, and than there were some scenes in the middle with negotiations, one tribe marrying into the other, another tribe dissolving the just arranged marriage and then we would start fighting again.

Andres in BirminghamThe thing was that those scenes weren't quite working, so at the end of the week Roxana decided to cut them. As a result the concept of the fight had to change because it wasn't about a fight anymore, it had to tell the story that we were missing from those scenes, at least the most meaningful. It has not been easy, but I think we are finally getting there.

Every session we elaborate a little more in each individual fight and that would change what you were previously doing, so it could turn a bit frustrating.

Apart from the fights we started blocking the second act, but since I'm not in it I would go through my lines and we would help each other in the Ferry House to go through our scenes.

By the end of the week I knew my lines so I took a small trip to Birmingham. It was nice to be in a city after all this time in Stratford.

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