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Caminando with the RSC: Goodbye Stratford-upon-Avon and my little Oscar speech.

July 31, 2012

A Soldier in Every SonThis is it. Today is the final day of performances and on Monday it's time to fly back to Mexico.

Since this is my last entry to the blog from England (I might do some entries when the play travels to Mexico) I just wanted to reflect a little, and say 'thank you'.

This has been one of the most demanding processes I've had in my career. First was the whole excitement of coming to Stratford-upon-Avon and working with the RSC, than realizing what it implied and starting to work in a second language.

It confronted me with the studies I made 17 years ago in London, with the actor I had become. It made me question how I approached acting, it made me reevaluate why I had made the choices I had in my career. It pushed me to better understand the English language and its delivery.

Andres dressing roomIn the end it helped me to grow and come to terms with a lot of what I am as an actor and as a person.

So thank you, thank you to Roxana Silbert for her direction, thank you Stephen and Anne for all your hours of work with me, for that special rehearsal in room 3 when it all started to make sense.

To Luke, to the whole company of actors, but especially to the guys playing my family (John Stahl, Mark Holgate, Susie Trayling and Neil Barry) for all the intense work and all the discussions we had after each performance to make each performance better.

To the fabulous girls of the wig and make up room for all the laughs, to costumes, to our stage managers, Alix, Mark and Julia. Thanks to Nimah, Cath, Jeremy and Jondon.

And thank you Nada and Danny for offering me this chance to write this blog, that has helped me understand this whole experience. I leave with the hope of returning one day after this AMAZING experience. Thank you, and see you soon...

Mexican actors say good bye

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