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Twins! Twins! TWINS!

July 17, 2013

twin babiesOne of the fundamental plot points of The Comedy of Errors revolves around the fact that there are not one, but TWO sets of identical twins.

Shakespeare's own personal experiences having had a set of a twin boy and girl and his heartache at Hamnet's death aged 11 most likely inspired him to write about twins in numerous plays.

In fact it is often telling, and heartbreaking, how much of the time one or more twins have lost their counterpart and in his plays Shakespeare could do for his characters that which he could never do for Judith, and reunite them.

In the cold light of day in 2013 it leaves a casting producer with a headache. Not just twins, but identical twins. It may not surprise you to know that BMH do not have two sets of twins at our disposal.

So we are going down a route that is often used. Costume, voice and, in our production, the use of status tattoos will help identify your Dromios and Anthipholuses as a pair. Or at least we hope it will.

It is a great challenge for our actors, voice coaches and directors to achieve this, and as we enter into rehearsals in earnest I am sure it will grow and develop as we go. Why not come along on the August Bank Holiday and find out how we did!

by Edward Blagrove  |  1 comment

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Jul 26, 5:00pm
Janet Hemingway

My husband and I saw BMH and their version of Shakespeare Abridged at the Dell a few years ago. It was fantastic and had us both in stitches. Such energy and enthusiasm it was a real joy to see young people enjoying Shakespeare so much. The fact that it was free was even better. I think this is a fabulous company and their work is of an extremely high standard that would not go amiss on the main stages of the RSC. Bravo and see you at the Comedy of Errors.

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