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Cutting the bard down to size. How very dare we!

June 6, 2013

cutting ShakespeareBMH are returning to the Dell with The Comedy of Errors, and even though it is one of his shortest plays, we still have to reduce its running time to make it more effective for our open air audience.

We've done this before, with all our productions, but as this is the first comedy (apart from The Complete Works-abridged, where the job is already done). It threw up a whole new dilemma.

With the tragedy it is easier to cut. If the line isn't particularly poetic or plot driven, cut it. Yet Comedy has loads of lines that aren't relevant to the plot - the issue, they are really, really funny! Keeping the play plot driven and not sacrificing too much of Shakespeare's wonderful quips has not been the easiest thing to do.

Our first cut is finished and in the hands of our Director, Lotty Englishby, and I am sure she will come back with a whole new edit and this will continue until 23 August 23rd I hope we have found the right balance.

Balance is the right word with our Dell productions. We have to balance our desire for high production values against the chances of rain, our number of rehearsals depends on costs of space, and all this while trying to entertain the good folk of Stratford-upon-Avon for just over an hour.

We love it though, that is why we keep reapplying and hoping to get a weekend, because it is a unique experience and one we cherish!

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