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Bart David Soroczynski

February 18, 2013
BartBart David Soroczynski played Doctor Caius in The Merry Wives of Windsor. He has an international perspective on theatre arising mainly from his postgraduate experience over the past 10 years.  

Bart was born in Poland in 1980. His mother and father were both circus artists and when he was 14 months old the family moved to Italy for three years before deciding to work in Winnipeg, Canada.

Bart speaks four languages: Polish, his mother tongue spoken at home; English the language outside the home and at school; French which he learnt when they moved to Montreal and in which he was then educated from the age of 14; and Spanish from spending four years working in Argentina.

Recalling his first awareness of Shakespeare he reckons he was introduced to Roman Polanski's Macbeth as part of their Polish culture.

Performance he had loved from being a small child when, aged five, he had worked with his father in circus. He naturally gravitated towards dance and music and is a graduate of The Montreal National Circus School.

In 2002, directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca of Cirque Eloiza, he found himself on a world tour with Nomade. Pasca extended Bart's skills in a new direction, encouraging the actor in him.

He found that he liked the creative side of acting, the risk-taking and the making of a story through physical theatre. While in London in 2002 he was impressed by seeing Kathryn Hunter at The Globe as Richard II in an all-female cast.

Bart went on to work for four years with Actor Hector Bidonde in Argentina before moving to Paris to join Actor, Director and Producer Irina Brook and her newly-formed company.

He worked on Don Quixote with her. It was in Paris that Bart took on his first Shakespearean roles when he played the characters of Ferdinand and Trinculo in The Tempest, in French. Kathryn Hunter and the Lyricist Marcello Manni came to see him and he subsequently worked with them in Tell Them I Am Young and Beautiful.

In England he took a course with Theatre de Complicite and found himself working for The Gecko Company with Director Amit Lahave. It was here in 2011 that Phillip Breen, the director of The Merry Wives of Windsor, saw him and decided he would like to have him in his production.

Bart plays Doctor Caius and manages to be terryfyingly mad in his comic inventiveness. He says that since working here at The RSC he has a new love of words,fostered by classes he has had with Director of Text and Voice Cis Berry and Head of Text and Voice Lynn Darnley.

As a relative new-comer to Shakespeare, it is,he says, a dream to perform him in English. The power of Shakespeare's language is shown through English - its vowel and consonant sounds. It is never the same in translation. And Shakespeare, he says, is a way to discover what acting is all about.

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