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'What is this made of?'

March 28, 2012

Much Ado modelHave to get something ready for next Tuesday when Pete Griffin (Production Manager) and Alan Bartlett (Head of Construction and Technical Design) are coming to look at the model.

Suddenly ideas will become concrete, questions get asked – what is this made of, what does it do?

Alan is great at problem solving and I often find that having your ideas tested in this way brings out what is really going on behind it all, you are forced to think and explain.

Iqbal was here this morning for our first chat around a model. It's always rather a weird moment when you first show ideas to a director. They all react differently – some sit and stare for hours and think, others plough straight in pulling bits about.

I have started trying to take the sting out of this moment by sending early pics of the rough model in advance of the meeting, although that has its own dangers as the photos can be somewhat misleading. Back-lit shots with a single angle-poise always look good!

In the end it was an easy flowing meeting, especially once we established a final look of the tomb and beyond – a good epic feel. So far the India-ness feels ok and the more I can get trees to grow through walls, and blend the walls with the theatre, the better. Rather complicated ideas about water and rain, so let's see what Alan has to say to that.

At the moment it is dominated by a tree made from sticks gathered from the garden and all wired together. I rather like its handmade feel, and the sense of something really natural held together with man made wire and string. I have to think if, in the theatre, we still want this sense of a handmade tree, or is it a 'real' tree which fuses with wires and cables as the branches spread out over the auditorium?

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