Whispers from the Wings

These blog posts are a diary of our productions, explaining what's happening through the rehearsal process. They are written by our cast and crew. Our current bloggers are:

Gabby Wong

Gabby Wong  was born in Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She became involved in student theatre whilst studying politics at University of Bath and went on to train at Italia Conti. This is her debut RSC season. She also works on various writing projects.

Vivien Parry

Vivien Parry  is debuting at the RSC with The Shoemaker's Holiday. Having just celebrated over quarter of a century as an actor she has played everything from Shakespeare to Sondheim. Outside of the theatre she is studying philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy for a degree with the Open University.

Tom Morton-Smith

Tom Morton-Smith  is a playwright whose work includes Oppenheimer, playing in the Swan Theatre in 2015. When he's not writing he spends his time trekking the high arctic wilderness.

A bit of a knee trembler

February 7, 2014

Nick Day 's understudy run performance in Wolf Hall caused him some anxiety. Now it's time for a break.

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Bodies, beers and Burns

January 31, 2014

Nick Day  has a busy week socially - with a trip to the pub and a Burns Night celebration.

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Long bow lessons at the RSC

January 31, 2014

Martin Bassindale , part of the Henry IV company, had a good day in rehearsals this week - he learned to shoot a long bow.

by Martin Bassindale  |  1 comment  |  Read this entry

History lessons at the RSC

January 23, 2014

Martin Bassindale  plays Peto in the Henry IV plays. This is his first post for Whispers from the wings. It's week four of rehearsals and he's pondering the history lessons he's had so far.

by Martin Bassindale  |  2 comments  |  Read this entry

Running for cover

January 23, 2014

Nick Day  (Norfolk) blogs from the understudy rehearsals and performances of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.

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Greetings from Miami

January 23, 2014

Antony and Cleopatra has opened in Miami and our blogger, deputy stage manager Evangeline Whitlock, has written to us from the tropical south about the differences in staging the production at the Colony Theater.

by Evangeline Whitlock  |  4 comments  |  Read this entry

The stress to impress the press

January 16, 2014

Have Nick Day (Norfolk) and Lydia Leonard (Anne Boleyn) just invented the 'Tudor selfie'? Find out in Nick's report from Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies press night.

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Always some way to go

January 9, 2014

Nick Day , Wolf Hall's Norfolk, blogs from opening week and shines a light on quick changes in the wardrobe department.

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Juggling plays

December 30, 2013

There's been no rest for Nick Day and the rest of the cast for Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies over the festive period. Find out the latest from behind the scenes.

by Nick Day  |  1 comment  |  Read this entry

Wings and prayers

December 30, 2013

Joey Batey , Mark Smeaton in Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, writes from the wings. If you hear him shouting 'Codpiece!' don't worry. It's all part of the preparation for opening night.

by Joey Batey  |  1 comment  |  Read this entry

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