Whispers from the Wings

These blog posts are a diary of our productions, explaining what's happening through the rehearsal process. They are written by our cast and crew. Our current bloggers are:

Beth Cordingly

Beth Cordingly  is an actor and mum who used to write but now sleeps in her spare time. She studied English and Drama at Birmingham University and trained at Webber Douglas. This is her debut season at the RSC.

Oscar Toeman

Oscar Toeman  is Assistant Director on The Merchant of Venice in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre this summer. He began directing whilst studying English at university. He is currently learning German.

Gabby Wong

Gabby Wong  was born in Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She became involved in student theatre whilst studying politics at University of Bath and went on to train at Italia Conti. This is her debut RSC season. She also works on various writing projects.

HRT at the RSC: Rafa Benitez and the art of subtle management

November 20, 2014

'Shoemakers require subtle management,' says the spectacularly mustard corduroy clad Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson, CEO of Foster and Son a bespoke shoemakers in Jermyn Street providing hand crafted shoes for the great and good (well, the spectacularly rich).

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Bring out the red pens

November 10, 2014

Today has been the hardest day so far of rehearsals. Today we brought out the red pens.

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HRT at the RSC: getting through the first day

October 31, 2014

I have a dread as I walk into a rehearsal room for the first time that I will be met with a blank stare from the director, ushered outside by a very sympathetic stage manager who explains that they meant the other Vivien Parry, they'll pay me for the first week and sorry about the mix up.

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The lie that makes us realise truth

October 31, 2014

'We all know Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realise truth.' Writing drama from history.

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HRT at the RSC: turning to cheese

October 28, 2014

In one of my darker days I played Hannah in Stoppard's Arcadia, a trip around a brilliant writers intellect, knowledge and passion, one of the most sublime pieces of writing an actor will encounter.

by Vivien Parry  |  1 comment  |  Read this entry

HRT at the RSC

October 21, 2014

I would love to be writing this as a winsome 21-year-old heading out into the blue yonder with a bag full of student debt and pocket full of dreams. However I was never winsome at the best of times and 21 was a long, long time ago.

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Radical politics, martinis and experimental physics

October 16, 2014

We're into the second week of rehearsals now. We've just had a session this morning with Scott (choreographer) and Grant (composer).

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Farewell! Dog knows when we shall meet again

October 13, 2014

The good people of Newcastle Upon Tyne were given a small hint that I was about to take their beautiful city by storm, I think that perhaps my dear friend Banksy had left this modest token of his affection and respect!

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That gnawing feeling

October 9, 2014

The first day starts with a meet-and-greet. There are dozens of people here from all corners of the RSC...

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Our Roaring Girls Part 2 - Sharon Small

September 11, 2014

I'm in Sharon Small's dressing room (don't worry, she's here too). It's Part 2 of my Roaring Girl interviews where I ask our Lead Roarers how the season has treated them.

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