The Dell

Find out more about the people and the companies performing at this year's summer season at The Dell, our free open air theatre.  

Edward Blagrove

Edward Blagrove  is a director of BMH. Founded in 2005, they have spent the last eight years performing plays, concerts and a musical, mainly in Oxfordshire but they are also regulars at The Dell. Edward is immensly proud of the achievements of BMH and the springboard it has been for many professional actors.

Ellen Mateer

Ellen Mateer  is a founder-member and performer for The King's Troupe. She is a mum of three children, who also perform in the troupe and is also the partner to the chief props maker (right now a production line of papier mache severed heads is filling our kitchen).

Tim Stoneman

Tim Stoneman  is a member of the HMS Collingwood's theatre company. He has been involved in the Royal Navy's theatrical productions for several years, either behind the scenes or on stage – often typecast as a larger-than-life and somewhat threatening character.

Plantaganets, plots and pies

June 27, 2013

As props and costumes continue to be made I am increasingly falling over swords, axes, helmets, crowns, masks, severed heads, cloaks, light sabres and piles of velvet; I can't find any bowls because they're all being used for papier mache, paint or glue and every conversation is punctuated with cries of more diabolical things we can add to death scenes.

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Let's parlez Franglais

June 17, 2013

Rehearsals continue apace – on stage for Henry V, it's time for the French to do their bit again

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Richard III Kitten Killer

June 13, 2013

Last weekend Mary (our director) and Richard (Richard III) went to Stratford-upon-Avon where they watched As You Like It, and visited The Dell.

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Cutting the bard down to size. How very dare we!

June 6, 2013

BMH are returning to the Dell with The Comedy of Errors, and even though it is one of his shortest plays, we still have to reduce its running time to make it more effective for our open air audience.

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Cry 'Havoc' and Let Slip the (Sea-)Dogs of War!

June 4, 2013

No, we're putting on Henry V, not Julius Caesar! We continue rehearsals for the summer production, this time getting into individual elements of the fighting.

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Richard III: tragedy, comedy or an Abba-inspired musical?

June 4, 2013

This week my family and I have mainly been trying to find an Italian duke and a sailing ship - wrong play I know but we were camping near a storm tossed sea! Meanwhile, our director has been putting on Mamma Mia in a field in North Yorkshire, Elizabeth Wodeville is in Corfu and we have only 1896 hours left to learn our lines...

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The Tragedy (and Comedy) of Richard III

May 30, 2013

When we heard Richard III's skeleton had been found under a car park in Leicester we knew we wanted to put on Shakespeare's Richard III. In fact after we've performed at The Dell, we'd like to put on a Richard III tour of UK car parks.

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Vicious fighting and nautical weapons

May 22, 2013

We've just started rehearsals for the summer production – we're performing Henry V in the challenging, but entirely appropriate, open-air venue of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, alongside HMS Victory.

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