Whispers from the Wings

These blog posts are a diary of our productions, explaining what's happening through the rehearsal process. They are written by our cast and crew. Our current bloggers are:

Oscar Toeman

Oscar Toeman  is Assistant Director on The Merchant of Venice in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre this summer. He began directing whilst studying English at university. He is currently learning German.

Gabby Wong

Gabby Wong  was born in Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She became involved in student theatre whilst studying politics at University of Bath and went on to train at Italia Conti. This is her debut RSC season. She also works on various writing projects.

Tom Morton-Smith

Tom Morton-Smith  is a playwright whose work includes Oppenheimer, playing in the Swan Theatre in 2015. When he's not writing he spends his time trekking the high arctic wilderness.

A blurry jigsaw puzzle

July 3, 2015

Working with understudies is one of the main responsibilities of an assistant director at the RSC.

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Learning Lines

Our inspirational journey in education to bring young people and Shakespeare closer together.

Martin Bassindale

Martin Bassindale  is an actor and is a member of the Famous Victories company. He plays the role of Hal.

Amy Draper

Amy Draper is currently the Assistant Director on the Famous Victories of Henry V. When not working for the RSC she is a freelance Director based in London, she mainly creates new work and gets excited by big bold stories told well.

Jacqui O'Hanlon

Jacqui O'Hanlon  is our Director of Education. She's been an education practitioner for over 20 years working with children and young people of all ages and their teachers.

Sophie Hobson

Sophie Hobson  is the RSC's Education Programme Developer, helping create the education programme alongside the plays in the Royal Shakespeare and Swan theatres and on tour.

Lizzie Hopley

Lizzie Hopley  is an actor, writer and education practitioner. Born in Liverpool, Lizzie trained at Manchester University and RADA.

Hannah Young

Hannah Young  is an actor and educational practitioner. She was a member of the Long Ensemble acting company with the RSC from 2009-2011. She is currently Director Mentor for the Hull schools in our Learning and Performance Network (LPN).

Student blogger

Guest blogger : students, teachers and members of the RSC Education team speak directly about their experiences.

The Famous Victories of Henry V: the final week

July 16, 2015

Well, it's the penultimate week of the tour and the big news is that we have finally been given school pudding!

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Musical Notes

Discovering the stories behind the music written and performed for our shows.

Richard Sandland

Richard Sandland  is our Music Operations Manager. He finds and books musicians for our shows, sources instruments, works on show changeovers, programmes keyboards and samplers, steals chairs and generally troubleshoots. He trained at the Royal College of Music as a tuba player.

Otto and Trude come to Stratford

June 12, 2015

Of all of the composers who have written shows for us over the years, the Huttenbachs have presented me with the biggest blank.

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Pathways to Shakespeare

How did our actors and directors first find Shakespeare? What drew them to it in the first place and kept them coming back?

Viv Graver

Viv Graver  is a retired teacher, who taught Shakespeare for more than 30 years in the north of England. Her blog is a series of interviews with RSC cast and creatives about their path to Shakespeare and how they first came to it, at school and elsewhere.

Geoffrey Freshwater

August 4, 2015

Miles Richardson who is working alongside Geoff in Volpone says, “he never complains, he simply gets on with the job. He is a national treasure”.

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