Behind the scenes

Before the audience comes into our theatres, much of the hard work has already been done. During the months of preparation before we put on a production, hundreds of highly-skilled people are busy working behind the scenes.

  • Behind the scenes videos

    Watch videos about the behind the scenes work of the back stage and front of house departments at the RSC

  • Bringing a production to life

    How our different departments work together to put together a show. Includes a production timeline.

  • Music

    We commission and perform all the music that you hear when you come to a performance in our theatres.

  • Costume

    Find out about the jobs and skills in our Costume department, facts and figures about our costumes, and careers in Costume.

  • Scenic Workshop

    Meet the people designing, making and moving theatre sets at our Scenic workshops.

  • Paint Shop

    Our highly skilled scenic painters are both talented fine artists and speedy decorators. Find out more about their work.

  • Props

    Find out about the work of our Prop Shop and meet the team who work there.

  • Wigs and Make-up

    This department works on every RSC production, preparing for forthcoming productions and evening performances

  • A day in the life of Running Wardrobe

    A day in Running Wardrobe starts at 9am with the laundry

  • Voice

    We work with actors on the language of the text, exploring the dynamics of sound and rhythm

  • Stage management

    Stage management is the central point of communication between the rehearsal room and all other RSC departments

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