If you could choose your memorial, would it change how you live your life?


Alan Kane - Punk Shop
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27 October 2017 - 4 February 2018 

PACCAR Room, Level 2
Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Artist Alan Kane has been making drawings for his own tombstone for some time, exploring his own mortality with the intent to create something playful out of a difficult subject.

For Early Graves, ten young people from Positive Youth Foundation in Coventry were asked to consider how they want to be remembered, to create designs for their own memorial stones. The results are both poignant and surprising. 

Crafted by local monumental masons and removed from their familiar surroundings of the churchyard or cemetery, the stones stand out of context in the exhibition space, with inscriptions that blur the line between artwork and functional, commemorative object.

Kane suggests to consider one’s own memorial might offer an opportunity to create a personal public sculpture. At the very least, this exercise could allow us to take some control of how we are commemorated and it might even influence how we live our lives.

Early Graves is a commission by the Royal Shakespeare Company.