The Spring Revel

The theatre is dark, but the building is alive.

Saturday 14 March, 8pm - 1am
Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Doors from 7:30


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Our late-night festival returns to the heart of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with our magical Spring Revel this March – a wild night of revelry and rivalry where Winter and Summer battle for control of the coming of Spring.

As the dark theatre prepares for our new production of The Winter’s Tale, elemental forces have taken over the building – inspired by the folk tales of the Cailleach, Goddess of Winter, who keeps the earth frozen with her great ice hammer, smothers the world with snow and holds Spring captive.

The evening is racing towards the final confrontation between Summer and Winter, and the building is alive. We invite you to step through the doors, discover a realm of stories, games, spectacles and experiences, and help the gods prepare for their final showdown before the clock strikes 12...

With fabulous food and drink throughout the night, this is a festival not to be missed.

'Then to the elements be free' The Tempest, Act V, Scene 1

Ages 14+

£25 including food


7.30pm Doors open

8pm Spring Revel begins

See below for what there is to see and do around the building and make sure to look out for Winter and Summer, their competing dancers and Summer’s spectacular drummers

9pm Voguing workshop in the PACCAR room

10pm Voguing workshop in the PACCAR room

11.15pm Doors open in the Swan Theatre for the Grand Finale

11.30pm Grand Finale in the Swan Theatre

Midnight After party in the Colonnade and Swan Bar


  • The Goddesses of Winter and Summer, who will be appearing throughout the evening
  • Spark! – Summer’s vanguard of magical and spectacular drummers
  • House of Bab – Winter and Summer dancers

Following sell-out shows at Shout festival’s highly-acclaimed Vogue Ball, House of Bab bring their amazing vogue dancing to help Winter and Summer in their fight for Spring


Quest for Time

Level 1 Bridge

From her throne among the clouds, Time presides over the warring seasons. Seek her out and she will tell you the story of the Cailleach and set you a secret quest to help decide the fate of Spring.

Dance in the Spring Storm

Ground floor

Selextorhood, Birmingham’s community of femxle and non-binary DJs, will be bringing the tunes to the dance floor throughout the night. Playing the Spring Revel are: Echo Juliet, Japes & Dee'Cleo with their mix of jazz, funk and disco, weaving in uplifting afro beat, house and latin grooves.

Create the Cailleach’s Cloth

Circle Bar

Each year the goddess of Winter washes a great cloth until it is bleached white, and with it she turns the earth to ice. Help bring colour back into the world by decorating a section of the giant canvas.

 Around the building:

Transform yourself

Into a Winter or Summer spirit with face painting & costume accessory making

Bring back the spring: Treasure Hunt

Winter has frozen up the fountain. Its spring can only be thawed if enough people find the flowers hidden around the building and bring them back to the fountain in time for Summer’s appearance at the fountain at 10:30pm. Will you join the hunt?

Pass the Peg: Corn Doll Game

There is an old tradition that the first farmer to complete the corn harvest would give their neighbour a corn doll in the figure of the Cailleach. This farmer would pass it on in turn when they were finished. The last person to finish was left with the Cailleach doll and would have to feed and house the goddess all winter. There are several corn dolls on pegs being passed in secret around the revel. Make sure you’ve passed them on to someone else before the clock strikes 12…


As we enter the last hour before the new day, Time will descend and lead the revel into the Swan Theatre. Here, Winter and Summer will meet for the last time, for an ultimate display of power and a final showdown in the contest for Spring. Who will be triumphant and what will the new day bring? Make sure you take your seat in the Swan to witness the Grand Finale. Then join Selextorhood in the Swan Bar and Colonnade for the after party until 1am.


The Spring Supper is included in the ticket price and available from feasting tables around the venue – pick up your food voucher on arrival.

Drinks and cocktails in the Scott and Upper Circle Bars.

Doughnuts and ice cream on the ground floor.

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