I Think I Can

Help us tell a story and get your passport to our miniature Ancient Roman town.

Free event (age 7+), until Saturday 5 August
11am – 2pm and 3pm – 6pm, daily
The Event Space, The Other Place

Through puppetry, live video, and audience interaction, we ask 'Who would you like to be today?' and ask you to help us tell a story.

After completing a playful ‘Career Test’ to personality-match you with a puppet, a tiny alter-ego is yours to steer through the daily life of a Roman citizen.

As our puppeteers animate the character in the miniature Roman world, we invite you to tell your character's story, which is then documented and will appear in the form of an online newspaper. 
Go to the online newspaper

When you've taken the test, had your puppet and moved through the town, we'll give you a 'passport' so you can come back to the miniature town at anytime during the project and move your figure.

A Terrapin Puppet Theatre production created by Sam Routledge and Martyn Coutts.

A Roman version of I Think I Can

Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company

Created by Sam Routledge and Martyn Coutts
Software and Interactive Design: Matt Gingold & Oliver Marriott
Design: Jonathon Oxlade
Website and Graphic Design: Futago
Consultant: Ian Pidd

Roman Character Research: Nicky Cox and Maeve Mhairi MacGregor
Roman model town created by Emma Thompson, Paul Hedges, Fran Horler and Jim Salter
Additional kit building and painting: Keziah Drew, Thomasin Marshall, Alice Simonato, Jessica Staton, Alice Watkins, Steve Watts and Amy Yardley

Originally produced by Intimate Spectacle and created in association with The Australian Model Railway Association, Glen Iris, Australia.

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