Pick up a leaflet to follow one of our trails around the building to explore secret stories and hidden histories of Shakespeare and our theatres.

young children exploring one of our family trails in the Scott Bar, RST.
Photo by Laura Keating © RSC – Image Licensing

Family Trail

Available all year round, pick up from leaflet racks around the building.

The trail encourages children and adults to explore, start conversations, answer questions and discover more about our theatres together.

Lost in Neverland Trail

Available 24 October - 24 January 2016
Pick up from leaflet racks around the building. 

The Lost Boys and Tink have been playing all around the building and have lost some of their toys and friends.

Returning as part of the trail will be the magical Sprite Symphony cabinet of fairies. Follow the trail to discover the installation around the building and find enchanting fairies in their different homes, from doll houses to jam jars and The Lost Boys den.