Fairy Portal Camp reprised

The world is in imbalance. We have seen the seasons altered and the seas are rising.

A band of adventurers and poets believe they have the solution: unblock the fairy portal and restore the natural order of things. 

Slung Low, Rash Dash, the School of Night and friends spent a week in the Avonbank Gardens, part of the grounds of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and rediscovered and created a magical ceremony to open the fairy portal, which was performed on 25 June 2016.

All were welcome to join them, enjoying willow work, delicious vegan food, dancing, music, fire and song, whilst a mechanical dolphin boat appeared on the River Avon.

This special collaboration with Slung Low, a company that make adventures for audiences outside of conventional spaces, was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the beliefs that were widely held in Shakespeare’s time about the magic of Midsummer’s Eve.

Fairy Portal Camp was held 19 - 25 June 2016
Avonbank Gardens, Stratford-upon-Avon 


The Fairy Portal Camp and the ceremony to open the portal to the fairy world was prepared and performed by:

Matt Angove  
Joseph Chance
Calum Clark
Erin Cunningham
Alan Cox
Olivia Dudley
David Farley
Helen Goalen
Abbi Greenland
Pete Gunson
Alex Johnston
Benji Kirkpatrick
Alan Lane
Serena Manteghi
Tom Penn
James Phillips
Sally Proctor
Heledd Rees
Joanna Resnick 
Oliver Senton
Nima Taleghani
Anikó Tóth
Becky Wilkie  

And for the Royal Shakespeare Company: 

Louisa Davies
Nicola Salmon

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