Midsummer Dance Party

A free weekend of craft and dance workshops that culminated in a spectacular mass dance party, inspired by Romeo and Juliet.

In June 2018, to celebrate Midsummer, artists from Kinetika created a spectacular dance party across the weekend inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Participants were able to make costumes, learn dances or simply enjoy a drink and soak up the party atmosphere.

Kinetika are an internationally renowned company that runs community projects to produce spectacular outdoor events.  The dances have been created by choreographer, Jeanefer Jean-Charles, who worked on the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

We recruited 20 young people from across the region to lead the party in dance.  They worked together for just three days to choreograph the Montague, Capulet and finale dances.

Members of the public were invited to learn a short routine in advance and come on the day to take part.