Adventure Bags

Pick up an adventure bag from the foyer and become an explorer and discover all sorts of stuff about Shakespeare and our theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon.

An RSC Adventure bag with compass, scroll, crown and magnifying glass.
Photo by Nicola Salmon © RSC – Image Licensing

What and when

Our adventure bags help you and your family explore the words of Shakespeare and the theatre in Stratford.

Discover items from our collection, the stories in Shakespeare's play and how they are created.  Your journey will last approximately an hour and is suitable for ages 6 and over.  Groups with younger children are welcome to borrow the bags, but may need a little more help with some of the activities.

Also available...

Story Blankets

Our new story blankets are aimed at younger children, aged 2 - 4 years.  Each blanket includes a simple version of one of Shakespeare's stories to read together as a family.  Throughout the story, you will find simple activities that relate to the blanket and help bring the story to life with touchy feely fabrics and simple puzzles.


Bags and blankets can be picked up from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre foyer near the cloakroom.