A new series of films for 11-18s, exploring Shakespeare's language, key scenes and defining frequently used terms with RSC actors and directors.

Exploring Shakespeare

Thinking like a Detective

Shakespeare can be a challenge, particularly when you are faced with unseen extracts or text you've never seen before. This is a challenge our creative teams face every day.

The clues are all there in the language but they have to be pieced together bit by bit, meaning that both students and performers alike have to work like detectives to help create the bigger picture behind a scene or character.

The Text Detective film series shares some of the ways we do this and includes:

  • Definition Films, explaining some of the key terms we use a lot when exploring Shakespeare such as 'Iambic Pentameter' and 'Antithesis'. 
  • Key Scene Films, looking at how key scenes in some of Shakespeare's plays can be interpreted differently and drawing out meaning through rehearsal.
  • Decoding Films, exploring some of the clues that our actors look for when approaching a text for the first time, whether it's a soliloquy or a larger scene. 
Photo by Rob Freeman
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