A free education Symposium for Warwickshire teachers exploring the place and purpose of Shakespeare in primary and secondary education today.

In this 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death, the RSC, Rugby School and Ark St Alban’s Academy School, an RSC Education partnership school since 2012, invite educationalists, to participate in this free Shakespeare Symposium for English and drama teachers and teacher training institutions across Warwickshire.

This gathering of academics, theatre artists, educationalists, teachers, practitioners and pupils will celebrate the transformational power, relevance and importance of Shakespeare and his language within our education system in 2016.

THE SYMPOSIUM: An exploration of the place and purpose of Shakespeare in primary and secondary education today

A panel of experts from primary and secondary phases of education as well as the RSC will consider the experience of a range of educational institutions in terms of their relationship with Shakespeare and its impact on their staff and students both inside and outside the ‘classroom’.

The world renowned theatre director and voice coach Cicely Berry will join us to reflect on her life in the theatre and her work with actors and directors at the RSC during an extraordinary career. Cicely will share some of her unique insights into Shakespeare’s language and particularly why we need to speak it aloud to truly appreciate, and unlock, its meaning.

In the last event of the morning, RSC Education Associate Practitioner and PhD student Tracy Irish
will share her research findings about the richness and power of Shakespeare’s language and how its
unique construction impacts on us as listeners and audiences.

Finally, after a free lunch, delegates will be able to select one of three different 90 minute workshops that explore practical, theatre based approaches to exploring Shakespeare’s work in the primary or
secondary school classroom. Alternatively, our Fight Director Terry King will introduce the adventurous to Shakespeare’s violent side and offer an insight into how teachers can help their pupils bring Shakespearean curses to vibrant life – safely.   


Friday 4 November 2016: 10am - 4pm

Collingwood Centre, Rugby School, CV22 5EH


To book your free place and receive a full programme and select your preferred practical workshop option, please contact PJ Green

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