We are working with Tate and the University of Nottingham on research to understand the contribution that cultural organisations can make to teachers’ ongoing professional development and to the learning of their students.

A group of young people in black hold up four sticks in the air to make a frame around another boy
Photo by Rob Freeman © RSC Browse and license our images

What is the research about?

Funded by Arts Council England, the aim of Tracking Arts Learning and Engagement (TALE) is to explore what happens when cultural organisations engage in and contribute to arts learning in schools.

We are tracking the progress of some 30 secondary schools across England over a three year period. The project provides a unique opportunity to explore and assess the impact of two distinct schemes of work offered through our Education department and by the Learning team at Tate.  

Why are we doing the research?

Teachers play a critically important role in enabling pupils to access, connect with and benefit from cultural experiences and both of our organisations - the RSC and Tate - provide intensive teacher professional development courses, each with very distinct approaches. The research focuses on the impact of these approaches on practising teachers and the resulting effect on pupil learning, attainment, attitudes and understanding.

How you can access the research findings

You can read the latest news about the project on the TALE blog.

  • Regular updates on the progress of the project will be provided here on our own website and on Tate's website.

  • We will disseminate our findings over the next three years and we hope that the research will contribute to the ongoing debate about the role of the arts and culture in schools. As a theatre company with a dedicated Education team the results of the research will also act as an invaluable tool in shaping our future programme activity.

  • The final report will be shared with our partner networks, funding partners and the wider general arts community.

  • We will also host annual national seminars to which arts organisations and arts and education researchers will be invited.



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