We regularly publish reports and articles referencing our work with young people.

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Would you risk it for Shakespeare? A case study of using active approaches in the English classroom
An article from English in Education (NATE journal) exploring the pros and cons of teaching Shakespeare on your feet, written by Tracy Irish (former RSC Education Programme Developer).

History of the Teaching of Shakespeare in England
An article on the history of the teaching of Shakespeare in England, written for our Stand up for Shakespeare campaign in 2008.

There is some soul of good: An action-centred approach to teaching Shakespeare in schools 
An article written by Jacqui O'Hanlon (our Director of Education) and Jonothan Neelands (Professor, Warwick University) on the Shakespeare Survey website.

Worlds Together - Symposium Booklet
In September 2012, Worlds Together, an international education conference for the World Shakespeare Festival, brought together presentations from practitioners and educators from around the world in a two-hour symposium. Abstracts of the presentations can be found in this symposium booklet.

Whose Culture?
Transcript of a presentation given by Jacqui O'Hanlon, RSC Director of Education, at the No Boundaries conference in September 2015.

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