An exciting five-year project based at The Other Place theatre.

The University of Birmingham is a founding partner in The Other Place in Stratford-upon-Avon. Our exciting five year collaboration with the University is based on a mutual aspiration to develop The Other Place as a unique hub for rehearsal, training, learning and creativity. It enables artists and academics to work alongside each other and ensures that The Other Place is a centre for creative and academic exchange. 

Photo by John James
© RSC – Image Licensing

The programme includes:

  • The MA Shakespeare and Creativity and MA Shakespeare and Education. Both courses are particularly enhanced by the Shakespeare Institute’s collaboration with the RSC at The Other Place, offering unique and extensive opportunities to work with RSC artists at The Other Place. 
  • Research through Practice Projects at The Other Place. At the heart of the collaboration are practice-led research projects, which aim to bring academic criticism and scholarship together with creative experiment in order to make something new—something which opens up fresh possibilities for both theatre-making and academic research.  
  • A PhD scholarship has been launched to be co-supervised between us and the university. This will make a creative contribution to the collaboration as a whole by developing and advancing its intellectual agenda and bringing it to wider attention in diverse academic and artistic communities.
  • Across the University of Birmingham, students access specially programmed workshops, courses and events at The Other Place, featuring input from RSC artists and practitioners, and see RSC shows

Erica Whyman, Deputy Artistic Director of the RSC, said: ‘I am hugely excited about re-imagining The Other Place as a vibrant, creative space, embodying the challenging and alternative spirit of the original. It is an exemplary home for theatre artists, and a space where students, our artists, visiting theatre-makers and our audiences can really feel part of the "engine room" of the RSC. Our partnership with the University of Birmingham is a brilliant opportunity for students to get right into the heart of the RSC, using the theatre and its resources as part of their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Their presence, alongside our artists, brings a real energy to the building.’

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