RSC Education works in partnership with schools, theatres, universities and other organisations both across the UK and internationally.

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Learning and Performance Network

The Learning and Performance Network (LPN) is our long term partnership programme with schools, communities and theatres across the country - see map.

Established in 2006, the programme works through partnerships of schools and their local theatre over a three year period to bring about a significant change in the way young people experience, engage with, and take ownership of the work of Shakespeare.

The LPN is targeted towards those schools and young people who have least access to Shakespeare, cultural provision and the RSC. It offers teachers in-depth training in active approaches to Shakespeare and postgraduate action research. For students, the programme involves dynamic ways to learn about Shakespeare in the classroom, artist-led projects and performance opportunities.

The Learning and Performance Network programme is due to come to a close in 2016 and we are not able to accept any more applications to take part. We will be announcing a new long-term partnership programme, RSC Associate Schools, in 2016 - more details to follow.

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University of Birmingham

We are delighted to announce a five year collaboration with the University of Birmingham and its Stratford-based Shakespeare Institute at The Other Place. The project, which sees the University become a Founding Partner of The Other Place, is rooted in the vision of the theatre as a centre for creative and academic exchange. At its heart are three practice-led research projects that will take place each year where students, academics, and artists can develop, critique, and respond to provocations. Students will also have access to creative and teaching spaces at The Other Place, with RSC artists and practitioners providing input to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Embodying the theme of ‘radical mischief’, the collaboration will develop a laboratory for theatre artists working with scholars and students in creative experiments that stimulate connections between the arts, the academy, and society at large.

Find out more about the project


Ohio State University

Children and young people in Columbus schools are connecting with Shakespeare in their classrooms in new and active ways thanks to a unique three-year partnership between the RSC and OSU.

The 'Stand Up for Shakespeare America' project aims to raise the aspirations, achievements and literacy of children and young people across Ohio. It does this through training teachers to be skilled in using active, drama approaches to teaching Shakespeare and other complex texts.

Find out more about the partnership at The Ohio State University and keep up to date with the latest news at the Ohio State Arts Initiative Blog.

Horace Mann School

RSC Education is running a 12-month program of work with Horace Mann School in the Bronx, New York. The partnership will also allow the RSC to work with a number of promising, low-income public school students from the surrounding area enrolled on the Summer on the Hill program which is based on the school's campus.

The collaboration with Horace Mann School includes a professional development program for teachers, residencies by RSC artists and a summer school program for students. During the year, students will also watch three current RSC productions streamed live into their classrooms.

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