We offer full and half day practical workshops which explore the creative choices behind current RSC productions or any Shakespeare play of your choice.

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Student workshops take place in The Clore Learning Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon and can provide students with either a first introduction to or a deeper study of a chosen plays language, characters and themes. 

We can tailor them to meet your learning objectives, whether they are to help young people prepare for an exam, work as a group or simply feel more confident prior to seeing the play in performance.

Workshops are led by RSC Education Associate Practitioners all of whom have first-hand experience of RSC rehearsal room practice, working either as actors, directors or theatre education specialists.

What happens in a workshop?

Working as actors, students will explore the plays practically unlocking language and characters as we do in RSC rehearsal rooms. Usually lasting two hours, workshops start with a short warm up which encourages the young people to work as a team and introduces them to key themes of the play.

Students will then start to work in more detail on the text bringing to life the language and key moments of the play, or looking at the whole play’s story arc depending on your schools request for the session.

Workshops often end with a performance opportunity but we do also tailor sessions to the needs of your students so it is vital that we receive your booking form details as soon as possible.  

For more information on how we can create the best workshop for your students, please email RSC Education.

For queries about cost and the availability of specific dates, please call the Education Ticket Hotline on 01789 403434.

How will my students benefit?

Our approaches can help young people of all abilities and backgrounds access Shakespeare’s language and develop a greater understanding and enjoyment of his plays. Our workshops use active, exploratory, problem-solving methods to help students see Shakespeare as a playwright who can still speak to young people today.

Who are workshops suitable for?

We can create workshops for young people of any age from Key Stage 1 to Undergraduate.  

  • KS1: we offer a perfect first encounter with Shakespeare’s work that can either focus on a play of your choice or act as a general introduction – giving a first connection and experience of his work and language

  • KS2: for upper primary pupils our workshops are designed to explore language, character and themes and include the  development of written outcomes 

  • KS3: an introduction to and exploration of the language, story and characters in a play or plays of your choice. If requested we can compare and contrast plays alongside each other to help students make connections between key works 
    KS3: an introduction to and exploration of the language, story and characters in an individual play or plays of your choice. The workshop can provide a perfect scaffold for students ahead of their entry into GCSE as it will begin to introduce key skills required for close analysis of the text

  • KS4 and 5: practical workshop sessions designed to deepen  students’ knowledge and understanding of the play, helping them develop close reading skills and supporting them in their exam preparation

  • Independent International Bookers: Practical workshop sessions designed to deepen students' knowledge and understanding of the play (£287.50 for maximum 30 students)

  • International Tour Bookers: Practical 2-hour workshop on the play you are seeing (£350 for maximum 30 students); or a 1-hour workshop on Romeo and Juliet plus entry to our interactive exhibition The Play's The Thing (£350 for maximum 30 students).

What plays can we look at in our workshop?

We can run a workshop on any Shakespeare play or any play currently being performed by the RSC. We also offer Higher Education Masterclasses and Primary Open Days, as well as other tailored sessions.  Email RSC Education for more information.

How much do workshops cost?

Half Day Workshop - max 30 students

From 10am-12pm, 1-3pm or 4-6pm
RSC Education Member £187.50, Non-Members £200, Independent International Bookers £350

Full Day Workshop - max 30 students

From 10am-3pm or 1-6pm
RSC Education Member £325, Non-Member £350

International Tour Bookers - max 30 students

2 hour workshop on the play you are seeing, from 10am-12pm, 1-3pm or 4-6pm, £350
1 hour workshop on Romeo and Juliet at 10am, 1pm or 4pm, plus entry to The Play's The Thing - £350


Matilda The Musical Workshops*

These mid-week matinee workshops for primary and secondary school pupils are designed to introduce your students to the story of Matilda The Musical, the key characters and the creative process of bringing it to life on stage. Led by RSC practitioners these active 90 minute sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of students of all ages from 6 years old and upwards.

Matilda The Musical workshops are available on Wednesday mornings during term time from 10.30am – 12pm only and take place at the Cambridge Theatre. Workshops cost £225 per session*, with discounts available for RSC Education Members.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer lunch spaces between Matilda the Musical workshops and matinees, due to limited space at the Cambridge Theatre.

*Subject to availability. Minimum group size of 20 pupils and a maximum of 30 pupils per session.

How to Book

To find out more or make a booking, email the Education Box Office at education.boxoffice@rsc.org.uk or call 01789 403434. This line is answered by a specialist Education team available from 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday during term time. Please note that emails and voicemail messages are only checked periodically during the school holidays.

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